Dress Code
In effect after 9PM on Saturdays

The following attire will not be allowed in the venue after 9PM on Saturdays

•	 Thongs or “Flip-Flops”
•	 Hi Vis Workwear
•	 Trackpants or Sweatpants (this includes Trackshorts)
•	 Football Jerseys or Football Shorts
•	 Dirty or Untidy Clothing
•	 Singlets

The following attire is permitted in the venue under certain circumstances.
•	¬¬Hoodies (can not wear hood in venue)
•	Sandals with secure strapping

All other attire is acceptable for entry at the discretion of staff. If you have any questions, please contact us via Facebook or call 6331 5500 before 5PM.

Please be aware that all bags will be searched up entry. 
Management reserves the right and will have the last say on whether entry is granted. 

Oxford Management